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Using a range of product lighting methods and approaches, this work is designed to present a portfolio of possibilities to businesses and producers in the UK.


Many businesses, when selling products, are looking for a great image that represents not only their product but also their business, from small businesses to large businesses, they all want to convince people to buy their product, and photography is the key. culmination of these sales. This is where my work can help them.


Every year many products are sold in the UK via the internet or in magazines Advertising photography is one of the showcases of the photography industry which focuses on commercial products which helps many people to deciding what to buy. This type of photography not only requires ingenuity to produce the images that will promote the product to the public, but it should also work in different sizes. from a large poster to a small image that you see every day on your phone.

This work was exhibited at the exhibition at the University of Bolton, Manchester, UK, and this short video was made in memory of the exhibition event.

Many musicians, when they want to sell their music, look for a beautiful image that will represent not only their music but also their personality, to finally convince the public to buy their music.


The music industry is estimated to generate over a billion pounds per year and photography is a critical cornerstone of these sales.


This particular type of photography requires not only ingenuity to produce images that match the style of the musician, but also knowledge to create the images that will work at the various displayed sizes from the large poster to the small thumbnail that you typically see. on your phone.


Album cover photography is a small window into music and artist-centric photography that helps people decide what music to buy - without it, album sales could be very different.

This work was exhibited during the exhibition at Market Place Shopping Center Bolton, UK, and this short video was made in memory of the exhibition event.

Photography Exhibition

This is a screenshot of the exhibition promotion on the official Bolton Market Shopping Center facebook page.

Honored and published by one of the English newspapers in 2016

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Honored and published by one of the English newspapers in 2016 because I had made an exceptional exhibition at Bolton University in England.


As in the whole principle of photography and exhibition, it is not only the technical excellence that counts but the message that you wanted to convey to the public is more important than the images themselves.


For this exhibition I had chosen to work on the theme why do women wear makeup? I know that for some who are in the Christian world, makeup has become one of the current theological debates. Because some people in their doctrine believe that women with makeup will go to hell.


But as a professional I had developed this subject in a scientific and academic way to find the real reason that pushes women to apply makeup, the impact of makeup in their emotional and social life and where does this influence come from?


The choice of this theme was inspired by the love story that was circulating on the internet at the time. where a young boy had met a girl in a nightclub, the boy would take her home to sleep together. Then in the morning the young woman got out of the shower and the boy was in shock to see another very strange face because all the makeup was no longer on his face.

That same day, the boy decided to end the relationship because he believed the girl had tried to lie to him by wearing this mask to get his attention.


The journalist from Bolton had found my exposure and my title very interesting for today's society where the appearance of women is becoming very important and some women are desperate to build their self-confidence by becoming obsessed with makeup.


This is the reason why I was published in the Bolton News newspaper in England. I am the Reverend Nono Mbingu, I am an Artist, Interior designer, Professional Photographer and Senior pastor of Freedom House Church Manchester in England.

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